The Liquid Society

I wrote the book called: “de vloeibare samenleving” (english: “the liquid society”). The book is issued in May 2017 in Dutch in the Netherlands and Belgium (   ISBN: 9789492221742   ) and is about the society being disrupted by new technologies and digitalisation. Mankind is going through the biggest transformation since the industrial revolution. It is not only that complete business chains or consumer goods and services are changing. The digitalisation of society makes that millions of people are becoming physical (migration) and digital (acting in the virtual society) mobile. The society becomes liquid ! Borders are blurring, nation states are evaporising, the grip of politicians on what happens in their countries is crumbling. Also the way people think, (re)create, work and live is changing completely in less than some decennia what has the greatest impact on mankind ever. An English translation might follow

2 gedachten over “The Liquid Society

  1. An English translation would be very worthwhile.
    It gives another look at the changes that are happening around the world.
    I so agree with you on Xi and Trump. They are outdated. Xi will be there forever. Luckily we can hopefully get rid of Trump.

    • Sorry Margriet for my late reply. I’m thinking about an English translation of my book. It all depends on (positive) reactions on my frequent articles. That might encourage me to take the step for an English translation.

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